The Canadian Intellectual Property Office intends to grant RhoVac’s patent application for RV001 (onilcamotide) cancer vaccine

Jan 24, 2022

RhoVac AB (”RhoVac”) announces today, 24th January 2022, that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (”CIPO”) has issued a “Notice of Allowance”, which means that it intends to grant RhoVac’s patent application for RV001 (onilcamotide) cancer vaccine. The company has previously been granted patents relating to onilcamotide in USA, Europe and Japan. The Canadian patent will provide RhoVac’s onilcamotide vaccine with broad protection in a key market and significantly strengthens the company’s patent portfolio.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (”CIPO”) has communicated its intention to grant RhoVac’s Patent Application No. 2,710,061. The patent covers RhoVac’s onilcamotide cancer vaccine, possible variants of the vaccine and the use of such vaccines in the treatment or prevention of metastatic cancer where RhoC is expressed. Once the issue fee is paid by RhoVac and necessary formalities have been completed by CIPO, the patent will be granted. The patent term will then extend to December 2028, potentially longer if an application for a Certificate of Supplementary Protection is filed and granted in Canada.

Patents from this first patent family have previously been granted in USA, Europe and Japan for treatment with onilcamotide of metastatic cancer expressing the RhoC protein. The Canadian patent, when granted, will complement these granted patents and another pending US application in this family

CEO Anders Månsson comments:”This patent provides very important protection for our cancer vaccine in Canada, which is an important territory for innovative therapies such as onilcamotide. This patent, when granted, will give product protection for our vaccine, along with additional protection for its use in the treatment and prevention of metastatic cancer [where RhoC is expressed], and in combination therapies”.