Management & Board of Directors

Peter Buhl | CEO

Peter Buhl Jensen has 35 years of experience in clinical cancer therapy and as a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder/co-founder of Oncology Venture A/S, TopoTarget A/S which he also led as the CEO. He has also co-founded and CHOSA ApS, and Buhl Oncology ApS and has been key in the development and approval of the cancer drugs Savene® (EU approval 2006, FDA 2007) & Belinostat® (FDA approval 2014).  Buhl Jensen was the Chief Oncologist and chief executive at the Oncology department at Rigshospitalet (2000-08), and Aalborg University Hospital (2010-11).

Holdings in the Company:  15,506,935* shares, corresponding to approximately 24.7 percent of the shares in the Company.

Gerton Jönsson | CFO

Gerton Jönsson (born 1971) has worked for around 20 years as an accounting consultant for both large international groups and for smaller companies, both listed and unlisted. Been acting CFO for different companies such as Doxa AB and is now also acting CFO for Amniotics and Aqua Nobel. He has broad experience of the various elements required of a CFO at a smaller listed company.

Education: ADB-linjen Mälardalens högskola 1992 Holdings in the company: 0 Shares

Ulla Hald Buhl | COO & Board Member

Ulla Hald Buhl, born 1964, a degree in health care administration from the University of Southern Denmark, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and has completed the Board Leadership Masterclass at Copenhagen Business School. Hald Buhl has 25 years of experience in the biotech sector as a serial entrepreneur, founder and/or co-founder (Oncology Venture A/S, 2X Oncology Ltd., Cessatech A/S, Buhl Oncology ApS, Chosa Oncology ApS and Aïda Oncology ApS) and has been involved in several IPOs (WntResearch AB, MPI A/S, Oncology Venture A/S, and Cessatech A/S) as well as two product approvals (Savene® and Belinostat®).Ulla Hald Buhl’s other assignments include: managing director of Aïda Oncology ApS and Buhl Krone Holding ApS.

Ulla will together with Peter hold 15 506 935 shares corresponding to approximately 24.7 percent of the shares in Rhovac after the merger.

Claus Frisenberg Pedersen | CCO & Board Member

Claus Frisenberg Pedersen, born in 1972, has a master’s degree in strategy and organizational development from Copenhagen Business School and a Diploma (HD) in finance from Copenhagen Business School. Frisenberg Pedersen has long experience as a strategic advisor, with a primary focus on M&A, FMCG and Commercial Excellence. Frisenberg Pedersen also has management and founding experience from the biotechnology sector (Oncology Venture ApS; 2X Oncology Ltd.).Claus Frisenberg Pedersen’s other assignments include: Chairman of the Board of 2Ø ApS, Finn L & Davidsen A/S, Servicelovers ApS and SJEB A/S. Board member of Nel-lemann Holding A/S.

After the completion of the acquisition of Chosa, Claus Frisenberg Pedersen will indirectly hold 7,332,952 shares in the Company.

Lars Hedbys | Board Chair

Lars Hedbys has over 30 years’ experience in the Life Sciences including 20 years in management positions. Hedbys has an MSc in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and a PhD in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. He has had a long career with Astra Zeneca working in project management, clinical research and development.


Ingrid Atteryd Heiman | Board Member

Ingrid Atteryd Heiman, born in 1958, has a bachelor’s degree in finance and industrial marketing from Lund University and a MBA in International Business from Uppsala University. Atteryd Heiman has broad experience in business management and board work from food, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, life science, women’s health and financial services, as well as international business including business development in Europe, the USA and Asia.Atteryd Heiman’s other assignments include: Board member of Amniotics AB (publ), CarpoNovum AB, Ilama AB, Pharmiva AB (publ), Redwood Pharma AB (publ) and VitalSigns AB.

Ingrid Atteryd Heiman does not hold any shares in the Company.

Neil Goldsmith | Board Member

Neil Goldsmith, born in 1963, is a British citizen and resident in Denmark, and has a first-class honors degree in zoology from the University of Oxford. He has a 35-year track record of building life science companies. Over the years, he has been a co-founder of several listed companies (Evolva SA; Personal Chemistry AB and Topotarget A/S) and had executive roles in additional companies. Goldsmith’s other assignments include: Board Member of Conarium Biosystems LLC, Double Bioventures Ltd, Merian Life Sciences ApS, Sundew ApS and Unibio plc. Partner in 1632 LLP.

After the completion of the acquisition of Chosa, Neil Goldsmith will indirectly hold 2,371,606 shares in the Company.