ASCO 2023

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Økonomisk Ugebrev, Copenhagen 2023-04-19 (in Danish)

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Drug Response Predictor

Our unique advantage

Our unique advantage is our patented cisplatin Drug Response Predictor. We are convinced this patent allows us to significantly improve the survival rate of cancer patients, by predicting the individual patient response to cisplatin, by looking at the 205 most relevant genes in the patient’s tumor. This technology has proven to allow us to predict patients’ reaction to cisplatin, and will therefore help the patients, investors, and relevant companies. CHOSAs DRP is the only drug response predictor, that can predict who will benefit from cisplatin and who will not.

Why is this relevant?

10-15% of all cancer patients receive cisplatin or one of its analogues. Furthermore, the combination of Cisplatin or one of its analogues with immunotherapy, has shown significant improvement in cancer survival, and the technology has therefore risen in popularity in the last few years.

As of 2023, the total market value of PD-L1 & PD1, (immunotherapy), is USD 45.8 billion, and estimated to grow to USD 105 billion 2028. Half of the PD-L1 & PD1 market is in cancer diseases where cisplatin or its analogues are key-products!

In these cancer diseases, approximately half of the patients benefit from cisplatin or its analogues. Our tool can identify those patients that benefit from cisplatin, and guide patients to other options when cisplatin is predicted to not be functioning. This is expected to significantly increase the success rate of cisplatin and immunotherapy combined for the patient. Furthermore, this will reduce the number of failures, and can guide patients to a more relevant drug.

Today there are 9 PD-L1 & PD1 inhibitors approved by FDA and, 11 more inhibitors are under development. Our DRP-technology is directly relevant for half of this huge market. The current state of the immunotherapy-market is over-saturated, and companies need a way to stand out from the competition, therefore our goal is to setup a mutual beneficial partnership, that can help these companies stand out.