Intelligent Oncology

Our vision is to deliver safe and more effective precision medicine to breast cancer patients

For many years, traditional chemotherapy – like cisplatin which is used in 16 different cancers – has been a mainstay of cancer treatment. Use continues to increase even with some major drawbacks such as toxicity and – which can be said in general for all medical cancer treatment – low response rates. The reason for the increase is that patients develop resistance to the drugs and a replacement is needed.

CHOSA has upgraded cisplatin – a cornerstone drug in oncology – to create iCIP™. We have equipped it with two new intelligent capabilities:

  • Firstly, the ability to predict which patients are likely to benefit from the drug, and which not
  • And secondly the use of advanced liposomes to direct the cisplatin preferentially to the tumor

By this, we believe we have an intelligent solution to improve the response rates, while at the same time treating only patients who have a high likelihood of response.

The liposomal formulation is designed to deliver the therapy directly at the tumor site and holds the promise that this novel formulation also reduces side effects.

CHOSA’s initial focus will be on improving the lives of metastatic breast cancer patients. As a next step, our clinical strategy is to advance iCIP and test it as a neo-adjuvant treatment for early breast cancer with the aim of curing it.



Our strategy can be summarized as follows:


iCIP™ has a broad potential and can in theory be used where conventional cisplatin is used today.

Clinical Program

Phase 1 and 2 studies have been conducted in Holland and Denmark.

LiPlaCis® has been in 72 patients (20 in phase 1 and 52 in phase 2) and the DRP® has been used to select 37 of those patients.

CHOSA will seek scientific advice for a pivotal study. We have designed a randomized cross-over trial of 40 patients, selected as high-likelihood responders by the DRP® test, compared with the doctor’s choice which we plan to discuss with the health authorities


CHOSA™ seeks a partnership among specialty pharma and larger oncology-focused pharmaceutical companies, companies that have the capability and the financial strength to run a DRP-guided pivotal phase program and that, after regulatory approval, are able to successfully launch the product globally.