Cisplatin is one of the most effective anticancer drugs ever developed. Many new chemotherapy drugs have arrived on the scene over the past few decades, but cisplatin still finds wide use. Even when it is not the sole or primary drug given to the cancer patient, it can be a valuable part of a combination chemotherapy regimen. Look at the regimens given to patients, and you will often see cisplatin as one of the drugs. In fact, cisplatin is often complementary to the targeted therapies that have emerged in recent years, and partly consequence cisplatin sales continue to grow and today is used in 16 different cancer types.

LiPlaCis® is a liposomal formulation of cisplatin enabling direct delivery of this known agent to tumor sites. The liposomes are designed to be specifically degraded by secretory phospholipase sPLA2 – an enzyme that is over-expressed in a number of different tumor types.
LiPlaCis is intended to specifically target the cancer cells and can potentially provide both improved efficacy and improved safety and tolerability compared to conventional cisplatin.

In some cancers, cisplatin is very active e.g., in certain childhood cancers.