iCIP™ – Precision LiPlaCis® & DRP® with Breakthrough designation option

CHOSA’s clinical phase II product consists of LiPlaCis® and its Drug Response Predictor – DRP®.

In essence, iCIP™ combines the identification of patients that will benefit from cisplatin treatment with the ability to treat them with higher efficacy and less toxicity. We have strong phase 2b data in metastatic breast cancer, demonstrating that patients selected by DRP® responded better to treatment; have longer progression-free survival; and maybe even an overall longer total survival than those patients who were identified as unlikely to respond well to the treatment.

If the currently obtained phase 2b data can be repeated in the next pivotal study CHOSA believes if these data can be repeated that clinical evidence can be demonstrated that iCIP has a substantial improvement on at least one clinically significant endpoint over available therapy which could lead to a Breakthrough designation.