DRP® is a multigene mRNA-based Drug-specific Response Predictor built upon a deep systems biology analysis of all transcriptional (RNA) changes in tumor cells in response to a broad range of drug types and refined with actual gene expression data from more than 3,000 patient tumors.

In a recently concluded phase 2 study, the 205 DRP gene profile for cisplatin was used to give scores (from 0 to 100) of the likelihood of response in metastatic breast cancer patients using fixed formalin paraffin-embedded (FFPE) biopsies of the patient’s tumor (taken at the time of initial diagnosis or later).

Since the test can be applied to FFPE tumor tissue already available at the pathologist – no new biopsy needs to be taken from the patients and a test result can be made for all patients.

The test does not require any investments in laboratory equipment or software programs, nor does it require new biopsies. Nor does it require the doctor to spend valuable time interpreting the results.  In the phase 2 study, the turnaround time from when the laboratory received the biopsy material from the hospital until an answer was delivered was 72 hours.