Press Release

RhoVac terminates its stock liquidity provision service and announces the last day for trading in the convertible

Jul 13, 2022

RhoVac AB ("RhoVac"), announces today that the company with effect from 13 July has terminated its agreement with Sedermera on a liquidity provision service for the company's stock. The first trading day without a liquidity provision will be July 14, 2022. Furthermore, the company announces that the last day for trading in the company's convertible is July 13, 2022.

Pending a final decision regarding the company's future, RhoVac has decided to terminate the agreement with Sedermera regarding stock liquidity provision. In practice, the liquidity provision means a guaranteed available volume in the share and that the difference between the bid and ask price will not be too great. However, at present the company does not consider that such a provision is necessary, and the agreement therefore expires on 14 July 2022.

Furthermore, the company announces that July 13 is the last day for trading in the convertible. The company will return shortly regarding an accelerated repayment plan for the convertible loan.

On RhoVac AB
RhoVac was established as a private company in Denmark in 2007. Under this company, the basic development steps for the drug candidate RV001 were undertaken. In 2015 the Swedish RhoVac AB was formed, which is now headquartered and in 2016 the company was listed on the then Aktietorget in Sweden (now Spotlight Stock Market). RhoVac has passed the early stages of development.
In 2019, patient recruitment began for a larger clinical phase IIb study that included more than 180 patients with prostate cancer. The Top Line results were presented in May 2022. Further data are currently being evaluated. RhoVac is listed on the Spotlight Stockmarket. The share is traded under the ticker RHOVAC. More information is available at