Press Release

RhoVac AB changes name to CHOSA Oncology AB

Feb 10, 2023

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has registered the name change from RhoVac AB to CHOSA Oncology AB. The company's shares will therefore be traded under the new name CHOSA Oncology AB on Spotlight Stock Market. The new ticker will be CHOSA.

On 11 January 2023, an Extraordinary General Meeting in RhoVac AB was held. The General Meeting resolved to approve the Board of Directors’ proposal to approve the acquisition of CHOSA ApS and change the company's name to CHOSA Oncology AB. The new name has now been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The company's shares will from 15 February 2023 be traded under the new name CHOSA Oncology AB (ticker: CHOSA). The ISIN code will not change and will thus remain SE0007784319. The FISN code will be changed to CHOSAON/SH.

Following the new name, the company's website where financial information, regulatory press releases and other investor-related information will be published, will change to

As previously communicated, the General Meeting also resolved to change the company's board and management. Peter Buhl Jensen has now taken office as the company’s CEO, and Neil Goldsmith (Chairman), Ulla Hald Buhl, Claus Frisenberg and Ingrid Atteryd Heiman now constitute the company's Board of Directors, together with the previous board member Lars Hedbys.

CHOSA in short
CHOSA Oncology AB is a Danish biotechnology company in oncology that, in April 2022 licensed worldwide rights to LiPlaCis® and its DRP® companion diagnostic (together referred to as iCIP™) from Allarity Therapeutics (previous Oncology Venture ApS). The cisplatin DRP is the only proven test to forsee and thereby select who to treat and benefit from cisplatin. CHOSA intends to enter into agreements for partnership or sublicensing of iCIP.